March 26th Weekend

What an intense weekend it was!  We had some amazing events that took place.  On Friday, I worked at the Pala Mesa Resort in Fallbrook for the first time.  It was cold, but what a great couple Josh and Sara were!  Everyone danced and got involved.  Great family and great crowd!

On Saturday during the day, we worked at the Waterfront Hilton and did a Bar Mitzvah for Everett.  Photos from this event are below taken by Stefani Welsh.  This was one of the most intense Bar Mitzvahs I have ever done in my DJ career.  High energy and enthusiastic crowd!  They definitely pushed it to the limit. No matter what we played, everyone danced; young and old.

To top it off, I ended my Saturday at Strawberry Farms doing Kristin and Bud’s wedding.  Played a lot of Motown during the cocktail hour, Classic Rock and 70s during the dancing and ended the night with Top 40 and all of the current Hip Hop.  It was a pleasure working with Heather and her staff at Strawberry Farms.

Sunday did not let up either.  We had the pleasure of working with Mindy Weiss again at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills.  We also provided chiavari chairs at Terranea Resort (long walk, but beautiful location!), Anaheim Hills Golf Course and Balboa Bay Club where we did 450 chiavari chairs and broke it down in an hour and a half.  Way to go, Abbie and her staff!

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