America’s Tire Co. Event – November 13, 2010

Wow!  What an amazing event that we did on Saturday night at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach!  Each and every year for the past 6 years, America’s Tire Co. hires Carcano DJ to put together their end of the year corporate event.  It is our job to make sure that we come up with a different theme and idea each year.  Since this year was their 50th anniversary, we really wanted to do it first class.  Even though I DJed the event the past 6 years, I thought it would be great to have a live band interacting with the DJ so there would be constant high-energy entertainment.  We decided to hire Jim Eppolito with West Coast Music and their band, Impulse.  This was the same band who has performed at numerous celebrity events and Vice President Al Gore’s daughter’s wedding.  These guys rocked it!!  An added touch was we invited the Laguna Hills High School Choir to perform several acapella songs as well as the National Anthem.  Sarah Norris is the choir director and really made this event possible for such a great group of students.  We also had the pleasure of working with Frank Salas again, who we love, and he also provided the pictures below!  You’re the man, Frank!  Frank Rohmer of Frank Rohmer Productions took some amazing video that I will be posting very shortly on my blog so everyone can see this performance first-hand!  Holly Thach from Classic Party Rentals in Santa Ana took care of some of the rentals for us and really took care of us, as usual.  I owe you, Holly!  One of my good friends from Fountain Valley High School, Arik from Gear Connection, took care of all of the sound and assisted me with the lighting and the band never sounded better!   And I cannot forget to mention Jessica Haik at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach who took care of all of our needs and allowed us to get into the hotel early to set-up.  She was extremely accommodating with anything we needed.  Thank you, Jessica!  My other company, Chiavari Chairs 4 Rent, took care of the chiavari chairs, linens and centerpieces.  We have already started planning for next year, because every year we have to out-do ourselves.  Way to go, team!!

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